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All of our copper water bottles are made of 99% pure high-grade food-safe copper. We don’t use any other metals, alloys or lining. All of our copper water bottles are of exceptional quality. We are sorry to say that many other sellers (particularly those who sell on Amazon and Ebay) falsely claim to sell pure copper water bottles that are actually plain metal bottles plated with copper. The copper plating will start to rub off these bottles after only a few months of use. Many of our customers came to us and bought one of our pure copper water bottles after having a bad experience with one of these sellers. While these sellers are able to offer their bottles for sale at a lower price than our bottles, beware – they are not the real thing! 

In addition, many other sellers are selling copper bottles that are coated on the interior with a lacquer that is toxic and should definitely not be in your drinking water! Our copper bottles are pure and contain absolutely no toxic materials of any kind. 

We are also sorry to say that many other manufactures do not construct their copper water bottles to the same level of quality that we do. As a result, some customers have reported that copper 

shards have peeled off the inner surface of copper bottles that they bought from other sellers, with those shards ending up in their drinking water!

Your copper water bottle will be ready to keep you hydrated as soon as it arrives, but we do recommend washing the inside with warm water and a drop of liquid soap before filling it up with drinking water for the first time. 

Your new Tambhveda copper water bottle is made of 99% pure copper, so it will naturally patina over time. Many of our customers like having the exterior of their bottles age gracefully into a beautiful copper patina, but, if you prefer the shine of copper, it is very easy to remove. Simply sprinkle a pinch of salt on a slice of lemon, allow the salt to dissolve, and then gently rub it on the surface of your bottle. The lemon and salt will form a mixture that will naturally remove the patina and restore the copper’s shine. Once done, rinse with water and dry well. 

Each of our copper water bottles is capped with a leak-proof cap. You can throw these bottle into your favourite bag with confidence that it will stay water-tight!

Yes, all of our copper water bottles are handmade by skilled artisans using traditional methods. As a result, every bottle will be unique and may have some imperfections which add to the character of the piece.

Our copper bottles are pure and do not have a lacquer coating. If you see a copper bottle that does not develop a patina over time, it is likely coated in toxic lacquer. Many other sellers are selling 

copper bottles that are coated on the interior with a lacquer that is toxic and should not be in contact with your drinking water.