Tambhveda is founded by Yash Gupta, a Business Administration graduate by education, who was inspired by the ancestral yoga practices and the benefits one can reap from Ayurveda. Identifying a similar need for citizens of India, he ideated a brand that would help people reap the benefits of Copper and Ancient Ayurveda at affordable costs. His vision took shape in the form of Tambhveda, which has already established itself as one of the leading exporters and dealers of Copper Bottles and Jugs in India. Tambhveda is obliged by being featured in world’s top news publications which include Forbes, Hindustan Times, Times Of India, News 18, News X etc

His commitment is visible in the work he has done in the field outside his company as well. He is the youngest person to be invited at Yoga events and Ayurveda centres across the world to give his input on Ayurveda and the use of modern science in order to reap the benefits of the ancient one. Additionally, he has been featured at several panels and media events to talk about and increase awareness regarding entrepreneurship and business. Yash has now set sights on setting up India’s ‘Largest Recycling Facility’ for recycling of electronic, non-ferrous and automobile waste in the vicinity of Baddi, Himachal Pradesh, India under his company Rikayaa Enterprises Private Limited

“Success is not instantaneous; It's the amalgamation of ideas, hard work, right approach and Teamwork”

The sanctity of this statement is exemplified by the success story of Rikayaa Enterprises Private Limited (Tambhveda). Starting its journey from the by lanes of Sadar Bazar (Delhi), It has reached the market of Middle East, Russia, Africa, etc. In less than a decade, Rikayaa has plans to metamorphose from a trading company to a manufacture colossal entity. 

Rikayaa's product range has Round and Flat Rolled Copper and Copper Alloys. Our comprehensive range of products is widely used for variegated electrical and industrial applications in different industries, such as automobile, engineering, defence, construction, electronics, among others. 

Looking forward, Rikayaa is further expanding and undergoing concentric and vertical diversification by adding Copper Bottles(Tambhveda).